Welcome to the Website of Ribble Valley 

"The Internet"Consistory No.138


 As the Primus President of this new Consistory, I would like to extend a warm hearty welcome to you and thank you for taking time to visit the website of Ribble Valley "The Internet" Consistory No.138. in the Province of East Lancashire

This is our newest Consistory in the Province only being consecrated on  January 22nd 2022.

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I took over last year as the Provincial Grand Recorder and the Province was made up of just three Consistories, The Vale of Irwell, Beal Valley and Pomona which had all be set up by our Past Provincial Grand Summus, Right Distinguished Companion Howard S Nuttall.

 I was approached by our Current Provincial Grand Summus who wished to build on all the hard work he had done for the Province therefore this new venture was launched. Building on the River theme Howard had introduced we needed a name of a river, it was at this point I suggested that we chose the name of one of Lancashires biggest rivers, The River Ribble.

Distinguished Companion Paul A. Joynson III

Being enthusiastic I said the river is big, so lets aim to make this consistory big, the river is over 75 miles long so lets set our sights high and aim for 75 members. My plan was to run the consistory along similar lines to one of the OSM conclaves that I am member of, Supera Moras No49, which is a very old and distinguished conclave, consecrated in 1920, which therefore puts it in its Centenary year. A thing they did just after the turn of the millennium at a rededication was to adopt the words "The Internet" after its name and what a game changer this was bringing in members from all around the British Isles and as far a field as Canada.

The way they make it work is by use of a simple strap line "Bringing Secret Monitor Freemasons from around the World Together" They are peripatetic, hosting their installation in East Lancashire, the next meeting is at a place of choice of the Supreme Ruler of the year and then a meeting later in the year at Tapton Hall in Sheffield.

So with this plan, it was first mentioned to the members of Supera Moras what they thought and if they wanted to be founders, a good number of them put their names forward and three who are not companions of The Scarlet Cord put their names forward as candidates following the consecration.

It was then on with marketing the project on social media which has had a good effect and at the time of Consecration we have 27 founders and that number is growing daily.

At the Consecration of Ribble Valley 'The Internet' Consistory we had founder Companions from as far north as Scotland, south as Sussex, from the west in Liverpool to the East in Durham as well as both sides of Lancashire. The oversea draw via the internet has has helped bring founders from the USA, Brazil, Australia Spain and France.

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And with a little tweak to the OSM strap line our own was born 'Bringing Scarlet Cord Freemasons from around the World together"

Yours Fraternally Paul